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Professional Cleaning Service Company

Buffer Boys has been in operation in the UK and Malta for over 10 years, since then we have been ‘wow-ing’ everyone we meet, with our quality, Professionalism and outstanding service.  We ensure that our dedicated Staff are experts in both Customer service and Professional Cleaning before they are allowed into the field.  This ensures that the expectations set by Buffer Boys are maintained to the highest standards; therefore our clients only ever experience excellence.  Buffer Boys use the latest state of the art, revolutionary deep dry cleaning system imported from the U.S.A.  We use this system in conjunction with our natural Biodegradable shampoo and the dissolving agents that are all made in house.  These Safe, efficient and effective Products are what is used to Clean, Restore and Sanitise Upholstery, Mattresses, Fabrics, Carpets & Curtains.  We use a separate process with very effective Products when Cleaning, Restoring and Protecting Leather Upholstery.

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About us

Carpet Technician:

Ian James


Has been known to get carpets clean even when an army has soiled them.

Specialist Cleaners:

Dave Holden


Has the camera skills to record every part of the process for quality assurance and insurance claims.

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Are work is are our passion,

so we have made that passion our profession.

The Best Cleaning Company In The UK

Buffer boys are highly qualified experts in the Professional Cleaning and restoration of carpets, sofas, mattresses, curtains and leather in homes, offices, hotels and yachts.  The company ensures all staff are thoroughly trained in customer service and professional cleaning before being allowed out onto the field, this ensures that all our clients only ever experience a superior all round service from us.

Buffer boys has a professional cleaning system that is unique to UK; the company has the only Cleaning System that is scientifically proven to be able to remove 100% of physical dirt, dust mites, germs and bacteria.

We guarantee great workmanship and that you’ll be totally happy with our services”


Using the Services of Buffer Boys ensures you peace of mind every step of the way, from the time you book an Appointment till the time you assess the results of our work.  We provide a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee on all the work we carry out, not that we ever have to use this policy, such is the reliability and efficiency of the work we carry out. We provide extensive training to all employees before they work in the field, ensuring our very high standards will always be maintained. Buffer Boys always ensures that the Company and all employees are fully insured in relation to public liability and personal injury when working in any Commercial Premises.


Our Process


Our method of Cleaning Carpets is totally unique in the UK, we first thoroughly Deep Dry Clean Carpets on both sides with our unique, state of the art Machines with World leading technology from the U.S.A.  By firstly removing all the Dust and Physical Dirt, we are then able to efficiently and effectively treat the heavy walkways and stains, only after this extensive and proper preparation will we then Shampoo the Carpet.  We use a high speed, quick drying foam Shampoo System that allows us to remove the Chemical Dirt with a minimal amount of water. Thus, most carpets dry within a couple of hours, upon completion we apply a Natural, biodegradable formula that kills and prevents Dust Mites, Germs and Bacteria in your Carpets for about 6-9 months whilst leaving your Carpets looking, feeling and smelling clean and fresh.

Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Most people wait until the carpet is visibly soiled before they clean their Carpets, unfortunely doing this causes irreversible damage to your Carpets.  The major, leading cause of damage to Carpets is the abrasive particles from Sand and Grit that enter and become deeply embedded inside the Carpet Fibres.  The Sand and grit is something that we are constantly collecting on our shoes and clothes and unknowingly transfer onto our Carpets, which is then stepped on.  This action causes Carpets premature wear and tear, as the sand and grit is embedded deep inside the Carpets fibres and the harsh, abrasive nature of sand and grit then “cuts” the Carpet causing them to thin out and become totally damaged over time.

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For Real Estate and Landlords

We Offer


Recording Before and After Shots

Gives you and customers peace of mind and also covers for insurance purposes.

Recording Before and After Shots

For ours estate agent and landlords and professional insurance agents we make sure you can see everything we have done to care for your clients.

We Give Extra

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We have a range of extra treatments the can be carried out while we work.

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Carpet Cleaning 

& Restoration

Curtains Deep Dry Clean & Refreshment

Upholstery & Mattress  Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Most people wait until the carpet is visibly soiled before they clean their carpets. This is not wise. What causes the most damage to carpets is the abrasive particles that are stuck to the carpet fibres by oil residues. These oil residues are everywhere and are from the burning of hydrocarbons from motor vehicles factories, power plants and volatilised oils from cooking. They are so small that we usually cannot see them. But they always settle down and land on the largest horizontal surfaces, our carpets

Even the cleanest looking curtains have pollutants and bacteria that could lead to serious diseases to the inhabitants of a house. The curtains act like air filters that absorbs airborne particles, dust and odours, which leads to damaging the fabric and original colour of the curtains. You can test to see if the curtains are clean by yourself with a simple “sniff-test”. Place the curtain fabric close to your nose and smell. You will soon know if they are fresh and clean, or stale and dirty.

The main reason to have your upholstery clean is to help maintain the appearance of your furniture. If you clean it regular it will prevent dirt and grime from building up, the second reason is the health of your family because fleas, mould and bacteria can make a comfortable home right under your feet without you even noticing. Pathogens and dirt can build up to the point where they can cause health risk to your family, also if you clean upholstery the air quality will increase in your home. a good cleaning can get rid of problems such as mould, dust mites, mildew, and allergens. Bad air quality can cause breathing problem.

Our leather cleaning service utilises the latest processes and techniques to ensure that your leather is restored to its former glory. We will first remove the general ground-in dirt and grime that builds up over time and then remove light marks and stains.

We give extra care and attention to detail ensuring that all the grease and grime is removed. When the cleaning is complete, the leather is then replenished with a specialist cream that once dried also works as the new protective barrier.

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 Dust and Bed Cleaning



DDV The removal of dust, sand and grit before the use of shampoo equipment. 

A unique cleaning method offered only by 'buffer boys

Deep Dry Vac


DDV                     £3.00/m2

DDV & Shampoo £4.50/m2

Intense Clean     £5.50/m2

Stairs                 £2.50/step



DDV & 


Single                       £15.00

Double                     £25.00

DDV & Sanitation


Stain Removal

Single                     £30.00

Double                   £45.00



DDV & 


Armchair.               £15.00

Sofa 2 Seats          £25.00

Stools & Chair.        £6.00

Wet Clean/Leather

Armchair.               £25.00

Sofa 2 Seats          £40.00

Stools & Chair.      £10.00

DDV & 


Unlined                £2.50/m2

Lined                    £3.50/m2

Thermal/Blackout                          £4.50/m2

Roman Blinds              £2.50/m2

Sheers                 £2.00/m2

Pelmets               £5.00/m2


Prices include VAT. These prices are Just a guide.  A free no-obligation quote will be provided with pre-inspection and 

fibre testing.  Minimum cleaning charge £35

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